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How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup without WiFi

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When it comes to restore a new iPhone, or recover data on an iPhone, one of the most recommended ways to complete the job is restore iPhone from iCloud backup. It is easy to operate as long as your iPhone is WiFi connected. But due to some reasons, you may hope to restore iPhone from […]

Things To Be Know Before Upgrade iPhone to iOS 12

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Apple would release the new iOS version every year and the exciting thing is that iOS 12 is coming. This new update would improve the performance of Apple device. Many new feature would be added to the new iOS version. This article is aimed at helping you and your device get ready for the iOS […]

Everything You Need to Know about the New iPad Pro 2018

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Apple’s WWDC has been held from 4-8 June. In this year’s event, Apple introduce the new device the New iPad Pro 2018. Rumors have it that a new version of iPad Pro is likely to be released this year. In this post, we will bring you to have a look at the functions of new […]

How Can I Retrieve Lost Messages after Update to iOS 11.4

“After updating the iphone to ios 11.4, I find that some of my messages are lost. I am in a hurry to get them back. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.” When iOS 11.4 was released, we received some e-mails that they lost some messages after updating to iOS 11.4 and hope to retrieve […]

How to Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working (iOS 11.3 Supported)

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“Hello, there is something wrong with my iPhone fingerprint. It cannot work from time to time, which make me even cannot access my iPhone successfully. What’s with it and is it possible that I can fix this trouble?” iPhone fingerprint is commonly used to unlock device, log into apps, use Apple Pay and make purchase […]

How to Save iPhone Dropped in the Toilet

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“OMG! I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. How can I save my iPhone? How to save my data in it? Can Someone give me some help please. Thanks in advance.” It is not strange that your iPhone dropped in the toilet as many people like to bring their iPhone when they go to the […]