Accidentally deleted something important on your iPhone? Want to know some useful tips and tricks to perform well on your iOS device. This blog introduces a professional iPhone data recovery tool, iRefone, which supports to recover messages, notes, contacts, photos and more, as well as iOS tips and tricks to use your iOS devices well.

Methods to Fix iTunes Quits Unexpectedly Issue

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iTunes always quits unexpectedly and doesn’t work? Now we’ll focus on teach you how to fix iTunes quits unexpectedly issue. We usually updates software with iTunes, and also we’ll backup our iOS data on it. When your iTunes won’t work, quits unexpectedly or stops responding ect, you can come to this article and we’ll show […]

How to Transfer Photos from Cracked iPhone X to Computer

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Suddenly dropped your iPhone X and get it cracked? Then how to transfer your photos from cracked iPhone X to your computer? Our iPhone X just like our other iPhone that we may damage them with many condition, like dropped, water damaged, battery drain ect. Before getting our broken iPhone X fixed, we may also […]

How to Transfer Photos from Cracked iPhone X to Comput

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“My new iPhone X was dropped on the floor and the screen cracked. I need to send it to repair, but I hope to transfer photos in it computer first. Can anyone help me do it easily?” iPhone X cracked accidentally is the sad thing that many users do not hope to meet. But if […]

[News]Comparison of iPhone 8. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

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Apple today announced its new 2017 iPhone lineup, at Apple Park. The company debuted three new flagship iPhones as well as adjusted pricing for the entire product range. The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are successors to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — featuring glass backs, wireless charging and better cameras — […]

How to Disable iOS 11 Software Update Notification

“My iPhone always reminds me to update iOS 11, but I doesn’t decide to update it now. How can I disable iOS 11 software update notification? Can someone teach me how?” This constant reminder from Apple to update your device to iOS 11 can be a pain and sometimes many users would like to disable […]

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPad Mini

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Summary: How to recover deleted Contacts from iPad Mini? You’ll find a solution in this post to help you recover deleted Contacts on iPad Mini, like phone numbers, emails and other contacts info. “I opened up my iPad mini and went to my contacts app and all of my contacts seemed to have been lost, […]