Different Ways to Back up Data on iPhone,iPad and iPod

backup-data-on-iphone-ipad-ipodWith the daily use of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod, there are many important information will be stored in devices like photos of your family, messages, Notes and reminders of business and more. However, there are also many accidental situations may cause you lost these data, like iOS 10 upgrade, factory reset, jailbreak, etc. Although some third-party iOS data recovery software could help you recover some lost data even you did not have backup, it still a disaster if these data are significant for you when you lost them. To avoid data lost disaster, backing up iPhone, iPad and iPod is very important. Here we will introduce you some different ways for you to back up data on iPhone, iPad and iPod and give you some comparison of these ways to help you find the best and suitable way for you to backup your data.

Method 1. Backup iPhone, iPad and iPad Data with iTunes

Step 1. Install the latest iTunes on your computer. Plug in your iPhone to computer and run iTunes.

Step 2. Click the Device button, and under Summary click on Back Up Now. iTunes will start to back up your iPhone.

Step 3. This may take few minutes, click on iTunes > Preference > Devices to check the backup list.

Pros: This is the easy and traditional way for you to backup data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. An iTunes backup includes nearly all of your device’s data and settings. The iTunes backup folder will be stored in your computer or Mac and it did not have the limitation of backup size.

Cons: You can not read or view content in iTunes backup directly on your computer.

Method 2. Backup iPhone, iPad and iPad Data with iCloud

Step 1. Connect Wi-Fi on your iPhone and go to Settings> iCloud> Backup.

Step 2. Toggle on iCloud backup option and your iPhone will automatically backup your data to iCloud.

Pros:With a Wi-Fi Connection, you can make a backup of your device using iCloud. You don’t need to plug your device into a computer. iCloud backups also include nearly all data and settings stored on your device.

Cons: The backup data are stored on the iCloud and it has the storage limitation (5GB free). You also can not access and view these backup data in iCloud except you erase all of the data on your device and make the restore from iCloud backup.

Method 2. Backup iPhone, iPad and iPad Data with iRefone

iRefone is the professional iOS data backup and recovery software. It could help you backup nearly all of the data like messages, photos, notes, contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and more on your iOS devices. It is compatible with nearly almost all device including iPhone 7(Plus)/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPod. Download and install the software to backup data on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Step 1. Run iRefone and connect your device with computer, click on “Start”.

Step 2. Choose the data category you want to preview before backup.

Step 3. Preview the data you want to backup and select these data you need, click “Recover to PC”.

Pros: You could selectively choose the data you want to backup with iRefone. Before make the backup, you could preview them and once you backed up them on your computer or Mac, you could allow to access and preview these data as you like.

Cons: iRefone only help you backup the data in your iOS device, not including these settings. This backup method is not free. You need to purchase the software to finish the backup.

Additional Tips: Not only as an iOS data backup software, there are another two recovery mode on iRefone which support to preview and extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup. If you have made the backup in iTunes or iCloud and want to access and view these data, you could use iRefone to help you.

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