Recover Lost Favorite Bookmarks on iPhone

Now, more and more people tend to use Safari to search online and mark their commonly used bookmarks as the favorite for accessing conveniently. However, many iPhone users complained one common issue prevail in forum or online community, their Safari bookmarks have disappeared. Various types of reasons can cause the loss of your favorite Safari […]

How to Play iPhone Voice Memos on Computer

Voice Memos is a frequently overlooked app that allows users to quickly record voice clips. These voice clips may related to lectures, speech, etc. which may be useful and special for you. On the other hand, to export these Voice Memos from iPhone to play on computer would be the question most people are considering […]

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted iPhone WeChat Contacts

We are often asked by our customers what’s the best way to recover deleted Contacts from WeChat App. Now, WeChat has become more and more popular, not only in China, but other countries like UK, so deleting WeChat Contacts on iPhone is a common problem. Is it possible to recover deleted iPhone WeChat Contacts? Keep […]