How Do I only Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 6s

“I accidentally erased the text messages on my iPhone 6s. It is luck that I have the back in iCloud, but I only want to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. Is there any solution to only recover deleted text messages. If so, can anyone give me the detail steps to do it?” Text messages […]

Transfer iCloud Contacts to iPhone without Reset

“Is there a way to restore iCloud backup on an iPhone without resetting the device? If I do have to reset the iphone, what’s the minimum reset I can do, Reset All Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, Reset Network Settings or what? I’m trying to restore my Contacts. If possible, how can I do […]

How Can I Play WeChat Audio Messages on Computer

“My friends send me some audio messages in WeChat on my iPhone. I wanna is there any solution to transfer these audio messages to computer so that I could play them on computer? Hope some some can give me some suggestion.” WeChat audio messages are commonly used to communicate with others. It is more convenient […]

Send Large/Long Videos from iPhone to Computer without Limitation

“I meet the trouble that my long videos on iPhone cannot be sent to computer. I searched for the reason of this and it may the the limitation of the videos size. Thus, how can I send large videos from iPhone to computer without limitation?” It can be very annoying to try and send video […]

Recover iPhone WeChat Contacts without Backup

“I’m having a problem. I lost WeChat contacts on my iPhone and the worse thing is that I even did not have backup. I want to recover these contacts, is there anything I can do?” In short, how to recover iPhone WeChat Contacts without backup? Generally, it is a common situation that you may delete […]

How to Recover Multiple Deleted Photos on iPad

“How do I recover multiple deleted photos these’re not in the recently deleted folder on iPad. Maybe they had been removed over time. Is there any chance to recover these multiple deleted photos on iPad?” Most iPad users like to take photos with the device as it is convenient. And they prefer to multiple delete […]

How Can I Read and Extract iTunes Backup on Computer

As we known, iTunes provides users the method to backup iOS device data, but it do not allow you to access and extract iTunes backup data on computer. Many iPhone users are looking for the solution to read and extract iPhone data from iTunes backup so that they can export them from desktop. In this […]