How to Recover iPhone Deleted Files Using iCloud

“I deleted some files on my iPhone intentionally and luckily there is the backup in iCloud. Can anyone show me the method to recover iPhone deleted files using iCloud?” iCloud is the official way to backup iPhone data and it is also the support method to recover data in case of deleted files. However, if […]

iOS 11 Problems That You Must Know

Whenever release the new iOS version, like the latest iOS 11, before you decide to update to iOS 11, you should know what problems you may come up with after install the new update. In this post, we will list these main problems of iOS 11. iOS 11 Battery Issue Battery is drain like 15-20% […]

How to Restore iPhone Data from iTunes and iCloud Backup

The iPhone is not infallible, thus many situation that you need to restore iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup. Not only is iCloud and iTunes the best way to create backups of your iOS devices, it is also a great way to get your data back if you ever lose some of it. This […]

How to Retrieve Deleted Notes Attachments on iPhone

Notes application best be described as an interface that helps write download thoughts, ideas, and everything which you want iPhone to track. This app not only allow you to take some text, but also helps you to preserve attachments like photos, videos, documents, etc. In the event of using iPhone, you may accidentally delete all […]

Is it Possible to Retrieve Lost Notes After Updating to iOS 11 on iPhone 7

“My iPhone 7 made the update to iOS 11 automatically in mid-night. I found that some notes on my iPhone 7 are missing.I want to ask is it possible to retrieve these lost notes after updating to iOS 11 on iPhone 7? Is so, how can I recover them?” Apple iOS 11 brings new features […]