Transfer Photos from iCloud to External Hard Drive

transfer-photos-from-icloud-to-external-hard-drive“My iCloud storage always remind me that there is no enough space for me to make the backup. So I hope to back up my photos to external hard drive instead of iCloud. I do not know how to do it and can someone show me the steps to transfer photos from iCloud to external hard drive?”

iCloud is a good choice to backup iPhone data like photos. But it also has the limitation that Apple only provide free 5GB storage for users to save data. Once you up to the limitation of iCloud, what will you do for these photos in iCloud? Many people choose to transfer photos from iCloud external hard drive.

When it comes to transfer photos from iCloud to external hard drive, we strongly recommend iRefone, as the merits of this program are so prominent:

-It provides three mode for you to backup and recover data: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

-It supports more than 16 types of files like messages, notes, contacts, whatsapp, wechat and more.

-Allow you to selectively choose data to recover or backup.

Transfer Photos from iCloud to External Hard Drive

Step 1. Run iRefone and choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” as recovery mode. Then you will see the interface below. Log in to iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Step 2. After log into iCloud account, the program can find all iCloud backup backup files in your iCloud account. Choose one iCloud backup you need to recover data and click “Download” to start the download of your iCloud backup.

Step 3. When the downloading is finished, it will ask you choose the data you want to preview, just choose photos that you need to retrieve.

Step 4. Preview these photos in the software and choose these one you need to recover to PC.

Then you could choose to transfer these photos to your external hard drive for backup.