How to Export Group Chat Conversation on iPhone

“I have a chat thread that is well past 15k+ messages with a friend, and we’d like to be able to export it and save chunks of it off. Is there any simple way to export out of these group chat conversation on my iPhone?” When you communicate with friends and families using text messages, […]

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

When change mobile phone, one of the most important data you want and need to transfer is Contacts. If you change from iPhone to iPhone, you could use iTunes or iCloud to help you. However, if you are using iPhone and hope to change to Android, how can you transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android? […]

How Can Selectively Restore iTunes Content to iPhone 7

“There are some data in iTunes backup and I want to restore them to my iPhone 7. I know that iTunes can help me do it directly, but I do not need all of the data in iTunes. Is there any solution that I can selectively restore part of content to iPhone 7?” In order […]

Why We are Always Advised to Backup Data Regularly on iOS Device

iOS 11 will be released in the near feature. Once the new iOS is released and before update to the latest version, we will always advise to backup data regularly on iOS device. In our business and daily life, there’ve various kinds of threats to our valuable data. Accidental deletion by toddler Physical damage by […]