Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

transfer-contacts-from-iphone-to-androidWhen change mobile phone, one of the most important data you want and need to transfer is Contacts. If you change from iPhone to iPhone, you could use iTunes or iCloud to help you. However, if you are using iPhone and hope to change to Android, how can you transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android? If you are such person who need to transfer Contacts between iPhone and Android, keep on reading and we will provide you some ways to do it easily.

Method 1: Email

If you only want to transfer some specific contacts from iPhone to Android, the Share option in Contacts would be the best choice for you. Open up the contacts up and select the contact you wish to save. Swipe down and select the tab, which allows you to either share it via e-mail or text.

If the number of contacts you want exceed ten, then this obviously is not your place to go. But if it is below that number, there is no need for using the methods below.

Method 2: iCloud

The second way to accomplish transferring your contacts from your iPhone to your Android device is by simply using Apple’s cloud system.

Step 1. Head up to via your computer.

Step 2. Select the contacts that you want to export. You could pick out them one by one or click on the gear to use Select All.

Step 3. Click the gear again and select Export vCard. Your computer will download a VCF file containing the selected contacts. The name of the file will be explicit as for how many contacts were exported.

Step 4. Plug your Android phone to the computer, copy the VCF file to the local storage and import the contacts from the Contacts or People app.

Both Contacts and People applications feature an option that allows you to add contacts from various sources. Since you saved it to your SD card, you will select the Import from storage source.

Method 3: Gmail

1. Head up to via your computer.

2. Select the contacts you want to save.

3. Click the gear icon and select Export vCard.

4. Your computer will download a VCF file containing the exported contacts.


1. Log in to your Google account.

2. Click on the Gmail logo, located at the top left corner of your dashboard.

3. Select contacts

4. Click the “More” dropdown menu in Contacts, and select Import.

5. Click Import again. The contacts will be automatically synced to your Android device(s), connected to this account.