New Features in iOS 11 Photos and Camera App

ios-11-new-features-of-photosApple’s upcoming iOS 11 update, designed for the iPhone and the iPad, brings improvements on Apple’s latest devices. One of the most attractive update is Photos and Camera App. You may wonder how different will the Photos and Camera app become fall and an updated iOS? In this post, we will walk you through 5 new features Apple has already told us to expect when iOS 11 is released.

Live Photos are Editable

Live photos were one of the best features of iOS 9 although then, it lacked the editing capabilities it has today. With iOS 10 came the ability to add filters, edit and even crop Live Photos without altering the animation. The new iOS 11 update is expected to increase the editing capabilities. Live photos can now be edited to change the still thumbnail (the image you see before you use 3D Touch to activate the animated portion). You can also trim Live Photos now and edit out or hide the unsatisfactory aspects of it.

Live Photos are Even Livelier

New Live Photo effects also make the photos much livelier than before. You can add effects like bounce and Loop to turn the Live photos to GIF-like animations. There is also an additional long exposure feature that you can use to combine all frames into one to simulate long exposure photography, particularly great when some parts of the image are in focus and others are blurred.

More Intelligent Memories

One of the most important upgrades with iOS 11 is the machine learning platform that is integrated into almost every feature. You are likely to encounter this capability within the Photos App with the Memories feature. With iOS 11 Memories will be able to scan your photo library and identify people and events faster than ever. It includes new categories like birthdays, pets, babies, performances and much more. Memories videos will also come with their own small improvement. With iOS 11, when you rotate the screen, the video will be automatically adjusted to be optimized for the angle you’re viewing it at.

QR Codes Supported

Your Phone camera with iOS 11 will be automatically be able to detect QR codes. You will see a notification when the camera identifies the correct website.

People Folder Will Be More Accurate

It is also expected that the people folder will be better able to detect faces so no photos are put in the wrong folder. Also, people folder will now sync across all devices which is great when you don’t want to start from scratch on each device.