Common Problems You May Meet When Updating to iOS 11

common-ios-11-problemsJust like many Apple fans, we are all waiting for the coming of the magic new iOS version iOS 11. When it comes, many people can’t wait to update their compatible devices to the latest version. But as we known, each time when try to update to the new iOS version, many people may come some problems, so as iOS 11. Thus, it is important to take a look at these problems before so that you may do some actions to avoid these. In this post, we will take you look at the most common ones so you can know what to do when you encounter them.

Unable to Verify Update

It is one of the most common problems experienced when updating iOS over the air. If you try to update and you see a message on the screen saying, “An error occurred while checking for a software update” or “Unable to verify update,” you should try updating the device from another network. If updating over another network still doesn’t work, remove the update and then try again.

Update Doesn’t Complete

If the update doesn’t complete or the progress bar seems to be moving very slowly, be patient as the time the update takes to complete the process will depend on the size and number of files on your device. Keep the device connected to the power source and just wait for the update to complete.

Can’t Download iOS Over the Air

If you are unable to download the iOS update over the air, it is likely that you have a poor connection or the Apple servers are unreachable. Therefore, it may help to connect to another Wi-Fi network and try again. Also, delete some unnecessary files on your device to create enough room to install the update. If you have enough space and your internet connection is good enough, wait a few hours before trying again since the Apple servers might be busy.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo with Progress Bar

If you see the Apple Logo on the device with a progress bar showing, it may be that the device is just taking too long to update the device. The easiest way to circumvent this is to wait for the progress bar to complete. Connect the device to a power source to prevent the device from running out of power while it updates.

iOS Update Stuck at Update Requested

If the update is stuck at “Update Requested” you may need to remove the update and try the update again. To do that go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap “Manage Storage” and find the iOS update in the list of apps. Tap on it and delete it. Then try to download it again.

Data Lost after Update

As you know, there is the risk of iOS upgrade that you may lost some data after updating to iOS 11. Once you suffer from the trouble, you could use the iPhone data recovery software, iRefone to help you get back lost data. This software supports to recover lost data including messages, notes, contacts, call history, whatsapp, wechat and more. No matter with or without backup, it enables you to recover data directly as well as extract from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Solution to fix data loss problem after iOS 11 update:

Step 1: Run the software and choose recovery mode according to your situation.

Step 2: Choose the data category you need to stat the scanning.

Step 3: Preview and choose these data as you need to recover.