How to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect to iPhone Due to Invalid Response

itunes-cannot-connect-iphoneiOS 11 has been released and many people will choose to update their compatible devices to the latest version. During the update, they will need the help of iTunes. But some users reflect that iTunes cannot connect to iPhone or invalid response. How can you solve the problem when you suffer from it? In this post, we will teach you some methods to figure it out. Just keep on reading to find the answer.

How to Fix iTunes Cloud Not Connect to the iPhone Because Invalid Response

1.Update your iTunes to the latest version.

2.Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes. This method works for most users.

Note: you can take a copy of your iTunes backup. You can also take a backup copy of your iTunes library by taking a copy of the files in your My Music\iTunes folder (iTunes Music Library.xml, iTunes Library.itl etc) before re-installing.

The solutions above should fix this iTunes invalid response problem, if the error still persists you can try below solutions:

1. Try a different USB/lightning cable or a different USB port.

2. Reboot your iPhone and your computer.

3. Ensure your iPhone wasn’t locked when connecting. Unlock it with passcode or Touch ID.

4. Try a reset on iPhone. Press and hold both the sleep and home button at the same time until the apple logo appears.

5. Try resetting your network settings. Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

6. Try resetting your lockdown folder. Follow the steps to “Reset the Lockdown Folder”.