Enable HDR Mode on iPhone X Camera

ahd2_ymf3aaava_6_sWhat is HDR? Why many people are willing to enable HDR mode on iPhone X camera?

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range imaging, it’s actually a kind of photography practice recently introduced to our cameraphones to make our photos look better. As it creates brighter and darker variants, so we would like to enable it on our camera. Now we’ll see how to enable HDR mode on iPhone X camera, when you want to use it, see below steps.


Enable HDR Mode on iPhone Camera

1.Open your iPhone, and go to home screen.

2.Then find and click Camera app icon to open it, and we’ll enter the new interface.

3.Here, we can see several options at the top of our iPhone camera, including HDR.

4.Click it, and you will get three options, like Auto, On and Off, you can choose it according to your needs.

Enable HDR Mode on iPhone 8

When you’re using an iPhone 8, you couldn’t find HDR option when you open your camera app. But you can enable it with below options.

1.Now open your iPhone 8, go to Setting–Camera.

2.Then scroll down to find option HDR( High Dynamic Range), and there are two options here, like Auto HDR and Keep Normal Photo.

The Auto HDR option will be turned on, if we turn it off, HDR button will reappear in the camera app.

Of course, when you don’t want to use HDR mode, you can also disable it from our Camera app or close “Auto HDR” option from setting.

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