How to Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working (iOS 11.3 Supported)

iphone-fingerprint-not0-working“Hello, there is something wrong with my iPhone fingerprint. It cannot work from time to time, which make me even cannot access my iPhone successfully. What’s with it and is it possible that I can fix this trouble?”

iPhone fingerprint is commonly used to unlock device, log into apps, use Apple Pay and make purchase from the App store and iTunes. Once it cannot work, it would be frustrating. If you are suffering from this trouble, don’t panic. In this post, we will provide some useful solutions to help you solve iPhone fingerprint not working.

Solution 1: Disable Touch ID and Reboot Your iPhone

Firstly, try this solution to fix iPhone fingerprint not working issue. Take the following action to perform this method.

1.Go to “Settings” and tap “Touch ID and Passcode”. There, type in your passcode.

2.Turn off the following by toggling off the switch beside them – iPhone Unlock and iTunes & App Store.

3.Now, you need to push the “Home” button in order to get back to the home screen. Subsequently, press “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons altogether to restart the device.

Now again perform the first step i.e. “Settings”> ”Touch ID and Passcode”> Type the passcode.

Now turn on everything what you turned off in the second step.

Hit “Add a Fingerprint” now and insert a new finger.

Solution2. Reset Your Touch ID Fingerprintsp

If the above solution could not assist you, try deleting the old and adding a new fingerprint. This takes less than 2 minutes and hopefully this solution will help you out for iPhone fingerprint not working glitch.


Deleting a Fingerprint:

1.Tap on “Settings”, choose “Touch ID & Passcode” that you will find by scrolling down.

2.Enter the passcode.

3.Now remove the fingerprints that you had added by tapping on them one by one and hitting on “Delete Fingerprint”. Continue this pattern until and unless all the fingerprints are erased.

Adding a Fingerprint:

1.Again go to “Settings”>”Touch ID & Passcode>Enter it.

2.After that, tap on “Add a Fingerprint”.

3.Now gently push the “Home” button from the finger which you want to use as your fingerprint scanner. Keep pressing until you feel a vibration. Keep tapping on “Home” button varying the angle each time.

Note: You don’t need to press the Home button too tightly, slightly keep touching on it so that it can scan your finger in a detailed way and from every position. You are able to add up to 5 fingerprints. If you want your dearest friend, partner or a family member to unlock the device, scan their fingerprints as well.

Solution 3. Factory Reset

If the iPhone fingerprint not working problem still exists after doing the above efforts, try factory reset. This method erases all the data but is an useful method to resolve many problems.

1.Go to “Settings”>“General”>“Reset”.

2.After that tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” hit “Erase iPhone”.

3.The resetting process will start and the iPhone will restart giving your device a fresh start.


4. Restore iPhone with iTunes

It’s really saddening that the problem of iPhone fingerprint not working is still chasing you. But don’t worry users! Here’s another solution. Go for restoring iPhone with the help of Tunes. Don’t be upset about how to perform the method, just scroll down and read on. This will erase your data as well so it’s vital to make backup.

1.Allow the iPhone to connect with the computer and open the iTunes app on the computer.

2.When the device is detected by the app, click the “iPhone” button.

3.Head to the Summary tab and once you notice “Restore iPhone” button, click on it.

4.You will be prompt to make a backup. It’s good if you made backup already, this will minimize a step as in you don’t need to make time for backup. You will just click on “Restore” button.

5.iPhone will restart and you will get to see “Slide to Setup” on the screen.


5. Tips for Adding a Fingerprint

Here are some of the useful tips you need to know to add a fingerprint perfectly.

Moisture-free Finger or Screen

Your sweaty or damp finger stops the Touch ID to work properly. Make sure to keep your finger to be used for scan should not be wet by anything. Also, same applies for the Home button. It should also be free of dampness or moisture.

Forceless Touch

Always touch the Home button lightly. Applying excess pressure can avoid adding a fingerprint.

Proper Touch while registering

When you are going to register your fingerprint, assure that it is touching the Home button accurately. In addition, remain the finger at one area only during the verification.