How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup without WiFi

how-to-restore-iphone-from-icloud-without-wifiWhen it comes to restore a new iPhone, or recover data on an iPhone, one of the most recommended ways to complete the job is restore iPhone from iCloud backup. It is easy to operate as long as your iPhone is WiFi connected. But due to some reasons, you may hope to restore iPhone from iCloud backup without WiFi. Never mind, in this post, we will introduce you two methods to restore your iPhone from iCloud backup even without WiFi connected.

Method 1: Using iTunes to Restore iPhone instead of via iCloud Backup without WiFi

1.Launch iTunes on PC or Mac to which you will backup your iOS device.

2.Connect your device to computer via the original USB cable. Enter the passcode if prompted.

3.Select the iOS device which will appear in iTunes and then choose “Restore Backup”.

4. Select the latest backup and tap “Restore”.


Don’t disconnect the device until the synchronization is finished. Then all of the data in your iTunes backup has been restored to your iPhone.

Method 2: Using iPhone Data Recovery Tool to Restore iCloud Backup without WiFi

What you need to restore iPhone from iCloud backup without WiFi is the professional iPhone data recovery tool, iRefone. This tool enables you to access all of the iTunes and iCloud backup of your iOS devices. It helps you to extract nearly all of the data in your iTunes/iCloud backup including messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, whatsapp, wechat and more. Before restore, it allows you to preview these data in the software so that you selectively restore these data you need. Download the software to have a try with below steps.

1.Run iRefine and choose the recovery mode option for “Recover from iCloud Backup”, then enter your Apple ID and password to log in to iCloud account.

2.You can find all iCloud backup backup files in your iCloud account. Choose one iCloud backup you need to recover data and click “Download” to start the download of your iCloud backup.

3.When the downloading is finished, it will ask you choose the data you want to preview, just click on the icon of the data you need.

4.Preview these data in the software and choose these one you need. Then click on “Recover to PC” button to save and restore them.