Problems and Quick Fixes of iPhone X

iphone-x-problemApple has won over millions of users with its flagship iPhone series. After introducing iPhone x,, it has certainly taken a new leap. Nevertheless, there are times when users face various kinds of iPhone X problems. To make sure you have a trouble-free experience with your device, we have listed various iPhone X issues and their fixes in this guide. Read on and learn how to solve various problems with iPhone X.

iPhone X not Charging

iOS device not charging is the common problem that many users may come up, including the iPhone X. Most likely, there would be a problem with your charging cable or the connecting port. Try to charge your iPhone X with a new authentic cable or use another port.

Read this guide for more solutions for iPhone charging problem.

Battery Drains without Using the iPhone

Mostly, after performing an update, it is observed that iPhone battery drains rapidly without even using the device. To resolve iPhone X problems related to its battery, firstly diagnose its usage. Go to Settings and check how the battery has been consumed by various apps. Also, read this informative post to fix issues related to your iPhone’s battery.


iPhone X Overheating Problem

We have heard from lots of iPhone X users that their device tends to overheat out of the blue. This happens even when the device is idle. To fix these iPhone X issues, update your phone to a stable iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get a stable version of iOS. This post has explained how to resolve iPhone X overheating issue in a simple manner.

WiFi Problem

Chances are that even after connected to a Wifi network, your device can experience certain flaws. Too many times, users are not able to enjoy a seamless connection and get problems related to their network. Try to resolve this issue by resetting a network. Select the Wifi network and tap on the “Forget this Network” option. Restart your phone and connect to the Wifi network again. Also, visit this guide to learn how to solve various iPhone X problems related to Wifi.


iPhone X Touch ID not working

It is recommended to add a new fingerprint on your device in every six months. There are times when even after doing so, your device’s Touch ID can malfunction. The best way to fix it is by visiting Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and deleting the old fingerprint. Now, add a new fingerprint and restart your device to fix this issue.


Lost Data on iPhone X

When using iPhone X, many users may suffer from data loss problem. It would be a big trouble to lost some important data for you. If you are the such person who are facing this problem, the professional iOS data recovery tool iRefone is the best tool to help you.

Main features of iRefone:

-Recover up to 16+ kinds of types data including messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, videos, whatsapp, wechat and so on.

-Support to three recovery mode: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

-Support nearly all iOS device mode such as iPhone X, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPod Touch, etc.

-Preview Data before recovery

-Compatible with various reasons to lost data like upgrade and jailbreak, accident deletion, lost iOS device, etc.

-100% safe without losing any data.

How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone

Step 1: Install and launch iRefone on your computer or Mac, then you could choose the recovery mode to get back your lost data.

Step 2: Once you choose the recovery mode, it will ask you to choose the data category to scan. Click on the icon of the data you need to start the scanning.

Step 3: When the scanning is finished, all of the data you choose will be listed in the software interfacae, including these lost one. Select these data you need and choose to recover to PC or device as you like.