How to Hide Apps on iPhone?

hide-apps-on-iphone“There are some apps on my iPhone that I do not hope others to access when using my iPhone. I want to ask is there any way to hide these apps? Any suggestions would be appreciated very much.”

Do you have the same demand with above user that hope to hide some apps on your iPhone? Is there a way to hide apps on iPhone? The answer is yes. In this post, we will share you some methods of how to hide Apps on iPhone.

Method 1: Use Restrictions to Hide Apps on iPhone

1.Go to Settings > General > Restrictions


2.Tap on Enable Restrictions and enter the Restriction passcode and confirm.


3.Then you could hide apps as you need. Just go to Settings > General > Restrictions

4.Enter the Restrictions passcode you have set.

5.Use the switch shown next to the apps to hide them.


How to Hide Downloaded Apps on iPhone

This restrictions settings on iPhone also allows you to hide your downloaded apps. Follow below steps to do it.

1.Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, enter your restrictions passcode.

2.Scroll down the ALLOWED CONTENT and then tap on Apps.

3.You are allowed to choose which type of apps to allow or tap on Don’t Allow Apps to hide all the apps.

Method 2: Use Folder to Hide

iPhone allow you to put some apps in one folder so that you could use this features to hide these apps. Steps are as follows:

1.Tap and hold on the app untile all the apps wiggle.

2.Drag one app you need towards another app, then it will create a folder which including these two apps.

3.Drag other apps you need to the folder.

4.Drag the folder which contains the apps you want to hide to the second page.

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