Solutions for Access Contacts in iCloud

access-contacts-in-icloud“I backed up my iPhone contacts to iCloud but not sure if it is succeed. If there is the way for me to access and preview Contacts in iCloud is really good. Hope someone can give me some help.”

iCloud provides an easy cloud backup for Apple users to backup their data like Contacts, Messages, Notes, Photos, etc. Sometimes, you may hope to access the backup files to check whether your Contacts is backed up or you lost some Contacts and want to recover them from iCloud. Thus, you may hope to find any easy solution for you to access Contacts on iCloud. In this post, we will offer you some solutions for access Contacts in iCloud. You could choose the one you need.

Solution 1: Access Contacts in iCloud Online

The simply and official way to access Contacts in iCloud is via Follow below steps to do it.

1.Log in your Apple ID in

2.Click on the icon of Contacts, then you could preview all of the Contacts in iCloud.


Solution 2: Access Contacts in iCloud with iCloud Control Panel

When you install iTunes on your Windows computer, it will also install the iCloud Control Panel. You could use this tool to help you access Contacts in iCloud.

1.Install and run iCloud Control Panel on your computer. Sign in iCloud with Apple ID and password.

2.Tick the box near Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks to choose the content you wan to access in iCloud. Click on Apply and you could see your Contacts.


Solution 3: Access Contacts in iCloud with iRefone

Another way for you to access Contacts is use the software iRefone. This tool enables you to access and preview Contacts in iCloud as well as export to csv format. It also supports to help you transfer these iCloud contacts directly back to your device. Below we will show you how to do it.

1.Choose the version you need to download iRefone.

2.Launch iRefone and choose “Recover from iCloud Backup Files”. Log in iCloud account.

3.Choose the iCloud backup file you wan to access and start the downloading.

4.Click on the icon of Contacts to start the scanning of your Contacts in iCloud.

5.Preview these Contacts when the scanning is finished. Choose to recover to your PC or transfer to your device as you need.

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