Disable URL Link Previews in Messages for iOS & MacOS

067agi_pb35zcx20v“When i share a link in Message with my friends on iPhone, it always show up link previews. Then other people who is behind me can also see it, so i want to disable URL link preview in Messages for iOS. Anyone can help me with it?”

Unfortunately, there is no built-in setting for us to turn off URL link preview in Messages on iOS devices. But don’t worry, there are still some methods can help us with it, follow below page and learn some tips about how to disable link preview in Messages for iOS.

Turn off URL Link Preview in Message for iOS Device

Firstly, we’ll see how to turn off URL link preview in Message for iOS devices, like iPhone iPad.

Step 1. Open Message app on your iPhone iPad, find or create the conversation that you need to add link.

Step 2. Then place periods on both side of the link that you need to share, like “https://www.google.com/.” Then wrap the URL in period and send it as usually.

Step 3. When it’s sent, it will only show up with the link we add, like “google.com”, and we can open it with Safari normally. In this way, we can protect our privacy.

Backup Messages on iPhone

When you need to extract messages from your iPhone selectively, you can come to iRefone for help.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. And it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone with PC. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, click “Next”.

Step 2. Then we’ll enter the new interface with many data icon and media icon, find and click “Message” icon, and it will be scanned by iRefone.

Step 3. After scanning, you can preview and choose messages you need, tap on “Recover to PC”.

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