Tips to Solve iPhone Can’t Make or Receive Calls after iOS 12 Update

After updating to iOS 12, some users reflect that they cannot make or receive calls. This would be annoying when you cannot use phone call function on your iPhone. What can you do to solve this problem? In this post, we will share you some methods to do it. 1.Check if iPhone is Mute. If […]

How to Recover Record Videos from iPhone 8/8 Plus

“I accidentally deleted my recorded videos when I try to edit it. How can I recover this record on my iPhone 8?” iOS 11 has added the new feature screen recording which makes video recording more convenient. But have you suffered from the trouble of delete or lost record videos on iPhone 8/8 Plus? Do […]

How to Solve WhatsApp Notification Not Working on Mobile Phone

“It seems that there is something wrong with my whatsapp notification as it not reminder me when I receive new messages. But when I open the app, I could see that there are many new messages. How can I solve this problem?” Notification problem is one of the common and annoying issue of WhatsApp. If […]

How to Access and Extract Voice Memos in iCloud

“Is there a way to extract voice memos from icloud backup without actually restoring the whole backup? I only need some voice memos in the last backup that I did. Hope there’s the solution. Thanks.” Voice Memos is the build-in app which allow iPhone users to record any kind of voice memos anytime and anywhere. […]