Why We are Always Advised to Backup Data Regularly on iOS Device

iOS 11 will be released in the near feature. Once the new iOS is released and before update to the latest version, we will always advise to backup data regularly on iOS device. In our business and daily life, there’ve various kinds of threats to our valuable data. Accidental deletion by toddler Physical damage by […]

How Can I Play WeChat Audio Messages on Computer

“My friends send me some audio messages in WeChat on my iPhone. I wanna is there any solution to transfer these audio messages to computer so that I could play them on computer? Hope some some can give me some suggestion.” WeChat audio messages are commonly used to communicate with others. It is more convenient […]

Send Large/Long Videos from iPhone to Computer without Limitation

“I meet the trouble that my long videos on iPhone cannot be sent to computer. I searched for the reason of this and it may the the limitation of the videos size. Thus, how can I send large videos from iPhone to computer without limitation?” It can be very annoying to try and send video […]

How to Save WhatsApp Media Files on iPhone to PC

“I have received many media files of my friends in WhatsApp on my iPhone. Now I need to save these whatsapp media files out of my iPhone to computer. If possible, I hope I could preview these media files on computer as well.” More and more people choose to use WhatsApp to communicate with other […]

Backup iPhone WeChat Chat History to PC

Summary: There are some important chat history in WeChat on iPhone and want to backup them to computer. Don’t worry. This post introduce full solution to backup WeChat chat history from iPhone (7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/SE/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4). “How do I backup old chat history from the WeChat app? There are some WeChat messages on my iPhone […]