Tips to Solve iPhone Can’t Make or Receive Calls after iOS 12 Update

After updating to iOS 12, some users reflect that they cannot make or receive calls. This would be annoying when you cannot use phone call function on your iPhone. What can you do to solve this problem? In this post, we will share you some methods to do it. 1.Check if iPhone is Mute. If […]

How to Solve WhatsApp Notification Not Working on Mobile Phone

“It seems that there is something wrong with my whatsapp notification as it not reminder me when I receive new messages. But when I open the app, I could see that there are many new messages. How can I solve this problem?” Notification problem is one of the common and annoying issue of WhatsApp. If […]

How to Fix iPhone Fingerprint Not Working (iOS 11.3 Supported)

“Hello, there is something wrong with my iPhone fingerprint. It cannot work from time to time, which make me even cannot access my iPhone successfully. What’s with it and is it possible that I can fix this trouble?” iPhone fingerprint is commonly used to unlock device, log into apps, use Apple Pay and make purchase […]

Methods to Fix iTunes Quits Unexpectedly

“iTunes keeps crashing on my computer with an error saying “iTunes has stopped working….” I uninstall iTunes, download it again and reinstalled, but the result is still the same. How can I fix this trouble?” iTunes quits unexpectedly when you are syncing something from iTunes to iOS device would be frustrating. There are various reasons […]

Brorsoft iRefone Big Sale for Children’s Day

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