Transfer Data from Screen Damaged iPhone to A New One

My old iPhone’s screen damaged badly. I’ve got a new iPhone. What I want is how to backup my old iPhone’s data like contacts, photos, notes, etc and update to my new iPhone. From someone’s shared tutorial I know that it’s not as difficult as we image. Below is the whole process to transfer/backup data […]

How to Transfer Photos from Cracked iPhone X to Computer

Suddenly dropped your iPhone X and get it cracked? Then how to transfer your photos from cracked iPhone X to your computer? Our iPhone X just like our other iPhone that we may damage them with many condition, like dropped, water damaged, battery drain ect. Before getting our broken iPhone X fixed, we may also […]

Transfer Messages and Messages Attachments from iPhone to PC

“There are some messages and message attachments in my iPhone which occupy much storage. But I do not hope to lose them by deleting them. I want to ask if there is the solution for me to transfer messages and message attachments from iPhone to PC?” Some people just like the above user that value […]

How to Export Group Chat Conversation on iPhone

“I have a chat thread that is well past 15k+ messages with a friend, and we’d like to be able to export it and save chunks of it off. Is there any simple way to export out of these group chat conversation on my iPhone?” When you communicate with friends and families using text messages, […]

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

When change mobile phone, one of the most important data you want and need to transfer is Contacts. If you change from iPhone to iPhone, you could use iTunes or iCloud to help you. However, if you are using iPhone and hope to change to Android, how can you transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android? […]

How Can Selectively Restore iTunes Content to iPhone 7

“There are some data in iTunes backup and I want to restore them to my iPhone 7. I know that iTunes can help me do it directly, but I do not need all of the data in iTunes. Is there any solution that I can selectively restore part of content to iPhone 7?” In order […]

Transfer iCloud Contacts to iPhone without Reset

“Is there a way to restore iCloud backup on an iPhone without resetting the device? If I do have to reset the iphone, what’s the minimum reset I can do, Reset All Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, Reset Network Settings or what? I’m trying to restore my Contacts. If possible, how can I do […]

Selectively Transfer Contacts from iCloud to iPhone

“I want to transfer my contacts in icloud to iPhone. I know that I can directly download iCloud backup with my iPhone. But I do not need other data like messages, photos, etc. Can anyone help me selectively transfer contacts from iCloud to iPhone?” Your iPhone data can be restored from iCloud when setting up […]