Disable URL Link Previews in Messages for iOS & MacOS

“When i share a link in Message with my friends on iPhone, it always show up link previews. Then other people who is behind me can also see it, so i want to disable URL link preview in Messages for iOS. Anyone can help me with it?” Unfortunately, there is no built-in setting for us […]

FaceTime Not Working in iOS 11/12

“I usually use FaceTime to chat with my friends, but it doesn’t work now after I update my iPhone with iOS 12. How to fix FaceTime not working in iOS 11/12 issue?” When you also have this kind of issue like other iPhone user report, it may be caused with some compatible issue. And you […]

How to Extract deleted Notes from iCloud

“I have done backups on my iCloud, now i lost some of my Notes. But when i restore it from my iCloud, it will need me to erase all content and settings, anyone can help me restore deleted Notes from iCloud Selectively?” Notes app is always the best tool for us to record some important […]

Set Persistant App Notification on iPhone iPad

“Is it possible for us to set persistant app notification on iPhone iPad?” When you want to manage your app notification easily, there is a good news for you that with the updating of iOS, it allows us to set persistant app notification on our iPhone iPad. Now from this article, we’ll focus on show […]

View iTunes and iCloud Backup Files on PC

“I have done lots of backup files on my iTunes and iCloud account, now i have changed my iPhone, how could i view my iTunes and iCloud backup files on PC?” iTunes and iCloud can help us backup our iPhone iPad data, and when we lost some of those data from our iPhone iPad, we […]

Enable HDR Mode on iPhone X Camera

What is HDR? Why many people are willing to enable HDR mode on iPhone X camera? HDR is short for High Dynamic Range imaging, it’s actually a kind of photography practice recently introduced to our cameraphones to make our photos look better. As it creates brighter and darker variants, so we would like to enable […]